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Curtis Schultz: a Superhero Job Seeker

Who Lets his Dog Wear the Cape!


Check out Pugzy Jump!!

This post is the first of the series: Job Seekers Who Should Not Be Unemployed where we feature cool, creative, and talented Job Seekers.


So…Who are the man and the dog behind the blur? I decided to meet with them.

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Today with Curtis and Pugzy, we spoke about unemployment in the Entertainment industry; odd job interviews; and also about Curtis’ projects, ambition, and inspirations. Oh wait…we also spoke about doggy treats.

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Curtis Schultz is a highly creative, fun, talented, and hard working individual who lives in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Pugzy is a Puggle who inspires Curtis and stars in his Pugzytown Comic and Live Action project.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 16.25.17

Check out the teaser:


But…WAIT! Let’s backtrack a little!


So, What Does Curtis Schultz Do?
Curtis is a writer, director, editor, and visual effects guru!Curtis_Schultz_VFX


Curtis also knows how to build tension: ask his girlfriend.

Oops, I meant ‘build suspense’ of course, excuse my French! Check out this 15 seconds short on Vimeo played by Brooke Edwards, Curtis’ girlfriend. Lights Out from Curtis Schultz.

How does Curtis make a living? 




“I am usually hired as an editor doing anything from short form content to feature films. For these projects, I will sometimes do Graphics, Visual Effects, and or Compositing. I would like to think I could do anything that falls short of complex 3D animation when it comes to post production.”

Curtis Schultz

© Curtis Schultz

Unemployed now? Yes, since the last couple of weeks.

What is the ratio or percentage of your employment per year? “I would say I am employed about 70% of a year. Sometimes I will go through dry spells, usually around wintertime, especially December. Other times, I will be slammed and might have to turn down jobs.” 

Do you often get benefits when you get jobs? “The only benefits I get from jobs, is a holiday party or they take me out for dinner one time. No health insurance or 401k working as an editor yet. But, hopefully, joining the union will change that.”

Do you have an odd Job Interview story to tell us? 

'You are neither tattooed, nor pierced, or have facial hair - how creative can you be?'

‘You are neither tattooed, nor pierced, or have facial hair – how creative can you be?’

“A few:

  • I had one job interview that occurred during 9/11 when I lived in Manhattan and none of us were aware of what had even happened till after the interview and went outside.
  • Interviewing to edit pornography was odd, mainly because of the subject matter obviously. It made me start to think, if I took the job I might turn into a freak weirdo sexually who only gets off with really kinky/sadistic stuff.
  • But one of my weirdest job interviews I would have to say was when I went to an interview for a post supervisor position at an energy drink company that also does media. At the interview I was grilled on my talents and everything that I have done in the past, productions, schedules, formats, etc. I was shown around the place, which was huge, immaculate and awesome. Then told of all the perks of the job, that I would be sent to Austria for specific training, at Christmas the whole company is shipped to Miami for the weekend, etc. I was super excited about the job and thought this would be a dream job. I even went in for a 2nd interview that I felt like the police was questioning me, as they continued to question every aspect of my work history. Then I asked the question that I always hate asking, but everyone needs to know, “What is the rate?” After all these hoops that I had to jump through I was offered a rate that was lower then any other rate that I had ever been offered in Hollywood. I tried to negotiate for more but there didn’t seem to be much wiggle room, as they continued to explain that the job was more of a quality control position with a glorified title of Post Supervisor. Even walking out the guy was trying to convince me that, sure I could get paid more at other jobs, but at least this one would be more consistent. Which made me laugh because he was saying that I would get paid better and work less at other places. Not really sure what his point was with that.”

You’ve read my book, Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand, so how far would you go to get the job interview for your dream job? “I would do whatever I think I could do to be able to get an interview for my dream job. However, I would go even further and go as far to question my own ethics to be hired for that dream job.

Do you think that creativity has a haven in this hostile realm that is job hunting? “Yes, but you have to create your own safe haven, even though sometimes you may not be paid for it.

When you feel down, what do you do to pick yourself up? Does creativity still kick in? “A lot of times I will talk with my sister or a friend and they will help talk me out of my slump.  But during those times when I am looking for a job and it’s been weeks if not months of looking, I usually try to get on a schedule of waking up at a decent time, working out to get my endorphins up, and just take looking for a job as my job. If it takes me awhile, I will then look at what I am doing and try to revamp my demo reel or webpage.  And yes, the creativity still does kick in, because while I am not working I usually still have a bunch of personal projects in my head or on my computer that I can still work on.”

How do you see your future? How about the future of creative minds in American in the next decade? “I see myself continuing to progress in my career further and further. Getting paid more on better gigs. Directing more as a job, rather then a passion. I think creative minds in the next decade will only have more ways to express themselves. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “Vine star” or paid “gamers” till a few months ago. And the fact that these people are recognized and some even paid for broadcasting on platforms I barely even recognize as a broadcast platform. Shows that there will be a constant evolution to art in the future. The question is will it be good or bad???”

What kind of person is Curtis Schultz?

Curtis was born in Lansing, Michigan, but grew up in Clearwater, Florida, right next to Tampa Bay.

When I asked Curtis to describe himself in one sentence, he said: “I am a fun loving, goof ball, who loves to play and laugh just as hard as I work.”

Indeed, Curtis doesn’t waste an opportunity to joke around.

Curtis at Halloween parade

You can notice his sense of humor in his work (also, no project is too small that he would’t give his 100%.)

For instance, when he was approached by an independent Hot Sauce maker, Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces, who had a small budget and wanted to make a commercial, this is what Curtis came up with (wrote, directed and VFX): a Mad Scientist using hot sauce of course! Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces_Mad Scientist from Curtis Schultz on Vimeo.

Curtis favorites: Favorite Book: Artemis Fowl; Favorite Comic: “Anything with the Joker in it, but my favorite would be “Batman The Killing Joke”; Favorite Film: Fight Club; Favorite Director: Christopher Nolan; Best VFX Film: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

Who did you want to be when you were a kid? “When I was a child, I wanted to be an actor and aspired to be on Saturday Night Live.


And how about now? What is your dream job? “My dream job would be directing big budget films or shows that are more notable or recognizable by the general public.

Best work so far?

Your best work so far? (if you only had to show us one) “That is kind of a tough one, because every personal project I have worked on is a part of me. But if I had to pick one it would be my last feature film The Summoning.”


The Summoning: A group of college students set out for a party out in the middle of nowhere, but when they get lost on the way there they find themselves involved in a Satanic ceremony they don’t want to be any part of.

Curtis won Best Picture and Best Actor Award for The Summoning at the 2015 Florida Horror Film Festival. Check out the article about it on

Curtis Schultz_win_best film

Curtiz Schultz receiving his awards for the The Summoning (Best Picture and Best Actor) at the 2015 Florida Horror Film Festival with his mother and sister.

 And now, let’s go back to his best friend and star: PUGZY!


Who is Pugzy?

“She looks like a sea lion.” -said Curtis. Let’s check:Pugzy_beerGuinness_sea lion

I guess he was right!

How did you get Pugzy? “An ex-girlfriend and I were in Orlando and for some reason we were wasting time in a plaza where there was a dog store. We decided to stop in the store and look at some of the dogs. I was looking for a Brussels Griffon because I think they are so weirdly cute. We noticed another little dog that was sitting like a human, and I went over and looked at the cute little Puggle. We left that day, but I couldn’t get that little cute Puggle that sat so  oddly out of my mind. Two days later, I went back and bought her.

What are her favorite dog treats? She likes any dog treats really.”

Is having an animal helping you to get inspiration? “Yes, definitely. I have been inspired by my dog to use my special effects talents to make a show with an all-animal cast. Though it is very difficult, I find it to be a lot of fun as well.

What is Pugzytown?



Pugzytown: Pugzy, a super cute Puggle, stumbles upon a crashed meteor that ends up giving her super hero powers, and her best friend, Ruby, a miniature Pinscher, gets infected by alien that inhabit her brain. Now, the two best friends are pitted against each other as Ruby tries to take over the world and Pugzy tries to protect it.



Curtis has a few scripts ready to go for the first season of Pugzytown! Check out his pitch!

Where else do you get inspiration? “Inspiration can really come from anywhere; sometimes it’s the oddest things and comes at the strangest times. Driving alone in the forest and running out of gas inspired my last feature film that I wrote and directed. While other times, I will be watching a film and think that was good, but what if I take a film like that in a different direction.

CONCLUSION about Curtiz Schultz:

I am convinced that Curtis and Pugzytown are going to fly away really high one day! OhlalaLand stories is thinking to partner with them on some capacity, how about you? Hurry up, Curtis is not going to be unemployed for long!!!


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This was the first post for the Job Seekers Who Should Not be Unemployed series.


If you are-or if you know anyone around you who is-a creative and talented person who is currently unemployed, please contact me and tell me about him, her, or yourself, and maybe you could be the next one featured on the Job Seekers Who Should Not Be Unemployed series.

Merci for reading! And please everyone: stay positive no matter what life throws at you and don’t juge anyone too quickly!

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