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Yep. I'm a girl!

Yep. I’m a girl!

I was born in the French Alps and spent my early childhood developing a love of nature and telling adventure stories to my family – in front of a fireplace (in fact, it was a heater) during cold winters.

French women are known for doing topless!

French women are known for doing topless!

I love to snorkel! Great to do it at the Lérins Islands, French Riviera.

At the age of seven, I moved to the south of France with my parents and sister. I loved it. The beauties of Provence, the magical scenery of the Mediterranean : yep, it could have been worse!

The same year, my parents gave me a dog: Ulysses.

Ulysses was a very unique dog. Indeed, my dog was gifted with-among other things-telepathic powers, so him and I were able to exchange significant thoughts with each other. This, of course, made us inseparable (find more about Ulysses in Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand.)

My very special dog had increased my love of animals and I started to include them more prominently into my stories.


Later on, I went on to study in Paris and graduated with honors with a Master’s in History from the Sorbonne University. I thought of becoming a journalist and expected do in France but after a short visit to the United States, my plans changed. I chose to move to New York instead and explore the new world (the “Motherland” of the Walt Disney stories which I’d always been a huge fan of.) 

I love Cosney Island, love to eat clams there!


I’ve spent 13 years in New York: I’m a Yankee!

In New York, I began to write articles as a freelancer for French magazines about medical discoveries in America, and continued to develop my own stories on the side. I soon realized that my stories were very visual and I decided to enter film school at the New School University. In 2003, I received the New School’s Award for Excellence in Experimental Film for my student short, Between 2 Worlds.

Later on, I received other nominations and awards in films, as well as for my songs. The format doesn’t matter…a novel, a short story or lyrics…it’s ultimately all about telling stories.  After graduating, I worked independently in the film industry for ten years.

I’ve worked a lot on films as camera assistant but I also shot corporate events (yes, you do have to pay the rent!) I was also sometimes producing or assisting producers. I think I particularly liked, it doing travel videography. I had an amazing experience doing it in Bangladesh (see stills below and the 1 mn Travel demo reel on Vimeo or in the sidebar.)


One day, I’ve met BUZZ ALDRIN and got so inspired by him that I wrote an animated sequence with him and included it in my new short film, Trip to the Planetarium.

Trip to the Planetarium by Stephanie Batailler, animated scene with Buzz Aldrin

Trip to the Planetarium _ poster

Festivals and Awards for Trip to the Planetarium:
  • Cannes Film Festival at the Short Film Corner (France)
  • Delray Beach Film Festival (Florida)
  • Honolulu International Film Festival (Hawaii), received the Silver Lei Award for Excellence in Filmmaking.
  • Festival du Cinema de Paris (France)
  • Radar Hamburg Film Festival (Germany)
  • Chinh India Kids Film Festival (India)
  • Beijing International Film Festival, Greening the Beige(China)
  • received the Bronze Telly Award for Use of Animation (US)

You can check my 1mn Animation demo reel on Vimeo or in the sidebar.

In 2011, I sensed it was time for me to – once again – pack my bags and find a change of scenery. I needed to get closer to nature again and wanted to feel the sun on my face. So, I moved further to the West Coast to Los Angeles. I am now pursuing a career in creative writing in the entertainment and film industries.

First time in Malibu, I didn’t see Pamela Anderson swimming!?

In L.A, I’ve had the chance to work directing and producing TV shows about martial arts for Blackbelt TV that involved great talent such as Mark Dacascos, Christophe Lambert, Herb Dean, Don the Dragon Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock etc. You can check my 1mn TV Producer demo reel on Vimeo or in the sidebar.

Christopher Lambert and Stephanie Batailler

Christophe Lambert has such a great energy and enthusiasm, it was a delight to work with him (and speak in our mother’s tongue!)

Working with Mark Dascos even during lunch time! (we love Thai food)

Working with Mark Dascos even during lunch time! (we both love Thai food)

Mark Dacascos loves the OhlalaLand stories, see him HERE reading between two takes the first book of the series, Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand.

Directing Mark Dacascos for the show Best of Africa

Directing Mark Dacascos for the TV show, Blackbelt TV”s Best of Africa.

Directing and producing a special episode of Blackbelt Tv’s Best of North America with Herb Dean and Don the Dragon Wilson, 11-time kickboxing world champion who scored 47 knockouts in four decades.

Herb Dean, the best MMA referee of the UFC, loves the OhlalaLand stories, he wrote a really cool testimonial for the first book of the series Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand, check it out HERE.

Interviewing the cast for Scorpio King 4 with Will Kemp, Victor Webster and Don the Dragon Wilson of course!

Interviewing the cast for Scorpio King 4 with Will Kemp, Victor Webster and Don the Dragon Wilson of course!

Lou Ferrigno the Incredible Hulk!

Lou Ferrigno the Incredible Hulk!

When I am not working or writing, you can find me recording songs as Skyebat; cooking or hiking in Griffith park (my ‘backyard,’) or in any other parks in California.