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on March 30, 2016
Funny, imaginative, charming, and heartfelt, Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is the perfect pick-me-up for the hopeful (or hopeless) seeker of employment. The main character’s dogged pursuit of her dream job is inspiring and the obstacles and uncertainty she encounters will hit home for anyone who has had a nerve-racking interview or struggled to find a job. From clairvoyant canines to brave buttons and even phantoms with fictional friends, Miss Batailler’s OhlalaLand is brimming with fun and memorable characters whom I hope to see again in her future writings. The only downside to this delightful tale is that it leaves you eager to find out what happens to Stephanie and her cohorts next!

on March 27, 2016

I first came across Stephanie looking for books written about daydreaming, only to find her beautiful song “Always in the Clouds” – highly recommend it. I was delighted to find other works by her; she’s very talented.

Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand was funny, educational, overall entertaining and very real. If you take a good look at the characters, I’m sure you’ll be able to identify with each one in some for or another. If you have ever been in this situation of looking for a new job or career change, or trying to land your “dream” job, then for sure you have also experienced these different characters and situations yourself. She takes us on her physical journey, as well as her mental journey, with the questions and fears and hopes and dreams that we all encounter. All the doubts and uncertainties of new opportunities are well represented, but ultimately this is not what it’s about – only.

Stephanie shows us how we are all at some point in our lives discouraged with our dreams. How we are told to put our feet on the ground and stop always being in the clouds – be realistic. Oh yeah, and how we need to focus and get out of “la la land”. Stephanie has made “Oh La La Land” a real place, one that all of us have visited in guilt and dreamt about. She has swept us into the reality of what Oh La La Land looks like – with monsters and eaglets – but with great surprises if we just take the chance.

I recommend this book to everyone… even high school teens.

By Curtis Schultz on March 3, 2016

I liked the build up of the book and the direction it was going. I think the introduction to the book was a little long, but then I realized that it might not be to someone who is not in the film industry. I liked the build up of the characters and got a great understanding of what the dreams/goals of the lead character who is fictional but not really fictional. Although, the book really left me wanting more, and I felt like it really only scraped the surface. Looking forward to seeing the next book to find out what the outcome is for Stephanie or the fictional characters she made up.

on February 25, 2016
I highly recommend this quick, easy read. “Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand” is an extremely relatable and refreshing twist on the age-old story of an aspiring soul trying to get a foot in the door in Hollywood. The illustrations are delightful as well!

on February 24, 2016
„Tale of a job interview“, a book everyone should read ! in particular those who despair to find an job!
In our current society, the shortage of offers, the influx of seekers make this market almost inaccessible. In her book Stéphanie shows us a new approach using creativity and audacity !!! I love Stephanie’s book !

on March 4, 2016
cute story : )
on February 26, 2016
A real treat for for the job seeker as well as any person interested in becoming a writer. The book is full of exciting surprises!
Sal Mallimo
on February 24, 2016
A must read. Anyone who has been on interviews and trying to pursue a place in this world for a career will enjoy this book!
on April 3, 2016
This was an entertaining book. I would recommend it. I did receive a copy in exchange for an honest review. I am looking forward to more works by this author.



Myoho‘s review

Mar 05, 16, rated 5 stars

A must-read for any job-seeker, person bored at work, or anyone who wants to smile.

Tale of a Job Interview at Ohlalaland is the creative short story I’ve been thirsting for as someone who loves to read but has so little time.

Imagine a job interview on Mr. Toad’s wild ride down the rabbit hole through the land of Oz with fantastical creatures of wonderland narrated like the cult film classic A Christmas Story.

The woes of job hunting and interviewing are something we can all relate to and it’s refreshing to see this fanciful look at it amid the stockpiles of advice from LinkedIn, recruiters, friends, etc., that seemingly lead to nowhere.
Human Resources are anything but humane in this upside-down world, a comical looking glass on modern society.

The characters in this tale are very imaginative, the illustrations hilarious, making the reader want more, wishing it were a film.

The language is upbeat and accessible, and the story is sprinkled with fun movie trivia. I am so glad that Stephanie decided to pursue writing in English!

I found the book to be inspiring and it left me feeling empowered to bring my own stories out of the shadows now that the day and age of self-publishing has come.

Jozef Krakora‘s review

Mar 24, 16, 5 stars.
Read from March 05 to 15, 2016
The book is very personal, creative and captivating. It exposes the real struggles that many of us face in our job searches and career explorations. Those struggles in her story then pivot into a very creative direction with the characters that Stephanie brings to life in a very passionate way! The book ends with a twist and leaves you with deep anticipation as to how the story will continue to unfold in Stephanie’s next book – which I can’t wait to read.



Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand
by Hannibal’s Reviews,  rated 5 stars.

Stephanie takes us to fantasy back story in France with witty humor and unusual imaginary. A young child that is inspired by the gift of reading which leads her to view the world unconventionally but like for most creative souls society and family tend to misunderstand children that color outside the lines, I think sometimes it’s just soul crushing.

As Stephanie ventures into Ohlalaland Studios, the writer manages to weave a story within a story where our hero Stephanie is doing her best to pitch a story about “Jimmy Buttons” to a monstrous gate keeper , with today’s socially inept sensibility. A perfect short story that makes you champion for our story’s hero

So many times in America we settle on a job we really don’t want. Those lies that we are told to never stop dreaming that you can be anything you want, but in reality society creates so many road blocks and often the gate keepers are sitting on mount high.It’s people like Stephanie that shows us to keep pushing to find the creative less travel road. I am happy to pre ordered it on itunes and I can wait to read it again on my iPad.

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