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Below is a catalogue of media appearances and reviews received in Europe. Some excerpts are translated from French. For articles and reviews written in full and in their original format in French, click here.

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Les incontournables du Salon: OhlalaLand stories, La Redaction de L’Hebdo (2 mai 2015)

                    OhlalaLand listed as the first of “the Must-Sees” —L’Hebdo

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLandDaily Books, journalist Noé Gaillard

                  “A modest volume by its size…but a bold approach that we believe will pay off…as for readers who are also employers, they will definitely enjoy the book, discovering that there is a new way to « sell yourself »” —Daily Book review.

 Livre de Stéphanie Batailler en avant première à Genève ! (29 avril 2015)



 Stéphanie Batailler: un héritage, un livre filmLa Savoie (23 avril 2015)

                   “… Beyond the horizon, the fiction and the passion…From the reality of her life, she takes the reader into the dreams of fiction and novelization, devoting herself to all the liberties offered by imagination.” —La Savoie

 Stéphanie raconte sa vie d’artiste à Los Angeles, l’Essor Savoyard (23 avril 2015,) journalist Leiha Lamnaquer.

                   “A book as incredible as her own story!”—l’Essor Savoyard

 Stéphanie se met en scène dans son premier livre, le Dauphiné libéré, dimanche (3 mai 2015,) journalist Lucien Durand

 L’histoire d’une amitié, d’un livre…et d’un film, Ouest France, (mai 2015)

                  “This fairytale…tackles the frustrations and pitfalls that face job seekers.” —Ouest France.

Livre CV. Stéphanie Batailler à L.A, Une écrivaine-réalisatrice se livreLe Réveil normand (27 mai 2015)

                  “You’ve got to differentiate yourself. And she (Stephanie) succeeded 100%.” —Le Réveil Normand.



 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand, BookPlaisir, blog (mai 2015)

                    “It’s a job interview gone crazy… I can assure you that the author has an overflowing imagination and I adore it! She differentiated herself with her imagination and for that I take my hat off to her. A short story that I advise everyone to read…” —BookPlaisir

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand, En Tournant Les Pages, blog (5 mai 2015)

                   “At first, I thought it was just going to be a cute story but, it proved to be more interesting that I had predicted…Stéphanie surprised me and kept my interest till the end” —EnTournantLesPages

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand, Au-delà des mots, blog ( 8 mai 2015)

                   “This book is probably the shortest I’ve ever had on my blog. But, it’s 35 pages of pure happiness : fresh, funny, without loosing the reader for a second, this book is to devour!…In short : a refreshing read. This book is written with a lot of humor. And, beyond caring for Stéphanie the héroïne, you care for Stéphanie the author. Graded 5 / 5” —Au-delà des mots

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand, Rêves et Imagines, blog (21 mai 2015)

                  “Original. Wild. Bold. Madcap. But behind the inventiveness of the situation, a glimpse of reality!” —Rêves et Imagines

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand de Stephanie Batailler, Julie La Tête Dans Les Nuages, blog (15 juillet 2015)

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand, Au Bout De Vos Plumes, blog (17 aout 2015)

 Entretien d’embauche à OhlalaLand,, Magazine culture magazine (mai 2015)